Recommended Books On Martial Arts

Bruce Lee Artist of Life

Bruce Lee, John Little 

The purest collection of Bruce Lee's thoughts and philosophies I have found. This book includes many of his handwritten notes, ideas, goals, visions, letters, poems and drawings to give you a real insight into the man who would become a legend. 
For any lover of martial arts, the section where Bruce breaks down the principles of Jeet Kune Do is a must read. Within it he refines his idea again and again - sharpening it with each successive attempt. A must have book for any artist of life.  

The Book Of Five Rings

Miyamoto Musashi & Stephen F. Kaufman

Written by the legendary samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi in 1643, this guide provides an incredible insight into the strategy and mentality required to excel in martial arts and life. The central themes of efficiency, responsibility, self-reliance, self-control and balance are all explored with incredible acuity in what is one of the most respected and revered martial arts books ever written.


33 Strategies of War

Robert Greene

While not a classic 'martial arts' book, Robert Greene's 33 strategies for War provides a comprehensive and concise analysis of just about every type of warfare strategy a person should to be aware of to prepare for and execute in combat. Avoid the snares of groupthink, create a sense of urgency, control the dynamic and know how to end things are just a few of the important lessons Greene reveals.  


On The Warriors Path

Daniele Bolelli

Another martial arts classic that delves deep into the philosophical and historical elements of the craft. Bolelli is an exceptional writer who has crafted an entertaining and insightful book — part history lesson, part philosophy lesson and part cultural analysis of the influence that martial arts has on people and society. An excellent first stop for anyone wanting to learn about or considering taking up any form of martial art.


Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living

Bruce Lee

Another book containing Bruce Lee's most insightful thoughts on a wide range of subjects. In reading this book you really begin to understand the depth of his knowledge and wisdom on many areas of life. Within it he addresses matters like self expression, growth, family, money, fame and spirituality incredibly succinctly, pointing the way to a greater level of understanding. This book will expand your mind and reveal why Bruce Lee has been such a revolutionary teacher to so many people.