Hi, welcome to my website and blog.

This is a collection of my published articles and ideas on the topics I love to write and present about. I focus on wellbeing, leadership, lifestyle, strategy and anything else that makes me want to put my thoughts out on the screen. 

I hope you find something here that is helpful to you in your life!




Rhys Jack is a writer, presenter, project manager and advisor. 

His writing on wellbeing, leadership, lifestyle and strategy has been printed in a range of publications including The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, Success Magazine & The Huffington Post. He has also featured on a number of Australian TV and radio networks.

Rhys is an effective presenter and workshop facilitator, combining his own experiences and philosophy with inspirational and motivating content to achieve positive results.  

Rhys also works as an advisor for individuals and organisations, utilising his skill in project management, business management and strategy to improve performance and deliver effective outcomes.

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