Hey, I'm Rhys, welcome to my Blog.

I believe when a person is able to honestly express themselves that it is unbelievably valuable. I believe individuals who develop this ability can make a huge difference in the world. And I believe this ability is within everyone.

The pursuit of honest expression has inspired me to write and to create these pages and stories — to put into words my thoughts and ideas, showcase people who are making a difference with their own particular expression, and help guide others wanting to live their lives in this way.

I hope these pages will inspire you to make a lasting difference in the world!

- Rhys


More about Rhys 

Rhys Jack is a writer, presenter and advisor. 

His writing on wellbeing, leadership, lifestyle and strategy has been printed in a range of publications including The Daily Telegraph, SUCCESS Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald & The Huffington Post. He has also featured on a number of Australian TV and radio networks.

Rhys has a range of experiences as a presenter and workshop facilitator and also works as an advisor on a number of non-profit advisory boards.




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